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Window Film and Tinting

Solar window films, security and safety tinting, and other variations of window film and tinting have evolved significantly in recent years. In fact, certain types of window film, such as solar tinting, are now officially a "Green" building material.

Emerald Coast Glass Products is on the leading edge of window film and glass tinting advancements. Amazing properties are now manufactured into window films.

  • Solar film and tinting refracts the sun's rays to limit the passage of heat through the glass.
  • Energy-efficient window films and tinting provide the same sunlight refraction, but also offer an added insulating property to limit the movement of hot and cold through the glass from inside.
  • The latest line of security films/tinting actually increases the structural integrity of your windows. If the glass should happen to break, the film remains intact along with the pieces of broken glass. This prevents scattering of the glass shards and makes for easy cleanup and replacement as well as offering additional security against unwanted entry.

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